Oil Warranty

Oil Warranty

Oil Warranty

The DuraMAX® Liquid Armor Engine Warranty

Take advantage of the free and easy DuraMAX Liquid Armor Engine Warranty! If you have less than 100,000 miles on your vehicle and use DuraMAX motor oil, you can register for DuraMAX’s free engine warranty program. You can receive 10 years or up to 300,000 miles* of guaranteed engine protection and a DuraMAX DOLLAR$ Rebate Check to be used on your next oil change!

The DuraMAX┬« Liquid Armor Engine Warranty covers more than 15 vehicle engine parts and is completely transferable. DuraMAX motor oil is formulated to perform and protect, that’s why we offer you a warranty with our confidence.

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*10 years or 300,000 miles if you exclusively use DuraMAX Synthetic Blend, High Mileage, or Full Synthetic motor oil.

See Terms and Conditions for more details.

Oil Warranty

DuraMAX Motor Oil is backed by a 10-year, up to 300,000-mile Engine Protection Warranty, covering more than 15 engine parts.

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