Wiper Blades

Wiper Blades

Wiper Blades

DuraMAX offers two extremely long-lasting and non-corrosive wiper blade selections, made with affordability and durability in mind. Quality raw materials are used to manufacture the wiper blades, producing better wiping performance overall.

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UltraVISION Plus

Advanced OE Beam Technology

The DuraMAX UltraVISION Plus beam blade is our premium offering for wiper blade installations. This option maintains affordability while also delivering extra visibility protection and durability for all weather conditions. Flat, or beam blades as they are commonly called, are gaining in popularity in the marketplace. They are becoming the standard original installation for most makes and models of new vehicles in the marketplace.

  • Innovative frameless design allows for streak-free visibility
  • Significant noise reduction and reduced wind lift
  • Fits most vehicles including OE applications

DuraMAX UltraVISION Plus blades can be installed two ways for your various applications.

  • Multi Cover Installed
  • OE3 Cover Installed

The adapters of the UltraVISION Plus blade are compatible with 9 different arm types. Two different adapters are available in order to work with nearly all types of vehicles. Rust-resistant: DuraMAX UltraVISION Plus blades were tested at first installation and after 200,000 and 500,000 cycles. All results showed no rusting, whereas the top two leading brands showed significant rusting on various components of their competing flat blades. Other flat blade features: Sleek, modern design that keeps the wiper blades more out of view and provides a design concept to match newer makes and models of vehicles.


OE Premium Wiper Blade

The DuraMAX ClearVISION wiper blades are the most affordable of our blade offering. They are designed to work with vehicles that were originally installed with conventional blades. The DuraMAX ClearVISION blade provides an affordable and optimally compatible option for consumers who want great performance without a premium price point.

  • Smooth, clean wipe for clear visibility
  • Reduces noise, no chattering
  • Fits most vehicles
  • Pre-Installed adapters for coverage and easy installation on most vehicles.

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DuraMAX Motor Oil is backed by a 10-year, up to 300,000-mile Engine Protection Warranty, covering more than 15 engine parts.

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