Introducing NEW DuraMAX® Lube Advisor!

Find recommended DuraMAX products for your vehicle using Lube Advisor

View recommended DuraMAX products for your vehicle.

No more guessing games or risking engine damage. The DuraMAX Lube Advisor’s advanced technology ensures that you get the perfect match every time!

DuraMAX Authorized Installers and their customers can now find DuraMAX product recommendations for any vehicle make and model with the new DuraMAX Lube Advisor! From engine oils and coolants to transmission fluids and more, matching your vehicle to the right DuraMAX product has never been easier. Not only will installers be able to make real-time product recommendations to customers, but customers can make better informed decisions…it’s a win-win!

How it Works

  1. Go to
  2. Select a search method (Quick Selector or Keyword Search)
  3. Provide some basic information about your vehicle
  4. View recommended DuraMAX® products for your vehicle

Site Features

Here’s what you can expect when adopting the DuraMAX Lube Advisor:

  • FREE DuraMAX-branded product-to-vehicle match recommendations
  • Tremendous product cross-sell/up-sell opportunities
  • Easy access to PDS/SDS sheets
  • Print and email results
  • Works on all devices – desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Vehicle specs and products updated in real time
  • Increased credibility in the automotive space
  • Improved customer support experience

Ask us about how to become a preferred DuraMAX® installer and get this with all of the other advantages DuraMAX® offers to help your business thrive!

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