DuraMAX Powered by RelaDyne Announces a Preferred Partnership with the Meineke Dealers Association and the Meineke Dealers Purchasing Co-op Inc., for Meineke Locations throughout the US and Canada

RelaDyne, one of the nation’s leading providers of lubricants, has partnered its premier automotive brand, DuraMAX as a preferred supplier to over 800 franchised Meineke locations in the U.S. & Canada.

“Partnering with the MDPCI as a supplier to Meineke franchisees is a welcome venture to expand our DuraMAX brand throughout their many locations,” said David Gempel, RelaDyne Strategic Account Business Development Manager. “We are excited to serve Meineke and their customers with our trusted DuraMAX brand.”

Beyond the dependable, engine protecting and broad product offering, DuraMAX offers retention-focused marketing tools and services to help our customers drive accelerated, repeat business while increasing their profitability.

“DuraMAX is the industry’s fastest-growing brand for good reason,” said Dan Oehler, VP of Sales & Marketing. “Partnering with the MDPCI is a great way to solidify the power of our DuraMAX brand in the marketplace.”

“We are excited to offer the DuraMAX portfolio of products to our Meineke franchises and their customers,” said Paul Repetti, MDPCI President. “We are confident DuraMAX will bring limitless value to our franchisees.”