DuraMAX Ranks as Top Best-Selling Brand by Quick Lubes

The RelaDyne automotive brand is growing up! At nearly 12-years-old, DuraMAX continues to transform the aftermarket automotive industry. According to the 2020 NOLN Fast Lube Operator Survey, DuraMAX ranks as the top best-selling brand by quick lubes.

The 2020 annual survey hosted by NOLN was taken by nearly 1,000 managers and owners of quick lubes from around the country. Collected data highlights the average and high performing operational statistics of shops plus makes known the best-selling engine oils and other automotive products in the market by their customers. The survey, whose best-selling brands are usually dominated by higher profile brands, has a new leader: DuraMAX.

In fact, DuraMAX ranked in the #1 position as the best-selling brand in all motor oil blends surveyed.

  • Best-selling synthetic motor oil brand: DuraMAX at 35 percent of respondents (next brand, 16 percent)
  • Best-selling high mileage oil brand: DuraMAX at 34 percent of respondents (next brand, 16 percent)
  • Best-selling synthetic blend oil brand: DuraMAX at 36 percent of respondents (next brand, 15 percent)

The DuraMAX brand also ranked as the top best-selling filter brand:

  • Best-selling oil filter brand: DuraMAX at 20 percent of respondents (next brand, 13 percent)
  • Best-selling engine air filter brand: DuraMAX at 19 percent of respondents (next brand, 15 percent)
  • Best-selling cabin air filter brand: DuraMAX at 20 percent of respondents (next brand, 15 percent)

“Seeing DuraMAX market share grow and now outperform the traditional brands is surreal,” said DuraMAX Brand Manager, Bob Johnson. “The DuraMAX brand is young but feisty, and we will continue to grow by focusing on the unique needs of the Auto Installer and adding value in the automotive aftermarket.”

In 2018, DuraMAX ranked on the NOLN Quick Lube Operator Survey with five percent for best-selling synthetic and synthetic-blend motor oils. Additionally, DuraMAX ranked for best-selling oil filter with eight percent. For best-selling Air and Cabin Air Filters, DuraMAX came in at nine percent.

The 2020 results cement the enormous growth that DuraMAX has experienced over the last year and even decade. As RelaDyne continues to shape the DuraMAX brand, the focus will always be on meeting the product and program demands of Automotive Installers. Through thoughtful research and development, DuraMAX will continue to be everything Installers and their customers need, and beyond.